Seen On The Town

Sitting Pretty with Diana Quasha

Diana Quasha paid a visit to the Carlisle Collection

Diana Quasha, creator of Empress, Duchess & Tart paid a visit to the Carlisle Collection, picked out a few looks from their fall collection for herself and showed us how she’d accessorize them with her “shameless baubles.”

Never underestimate the power of an accessory, especially when it’s from the fashion jewelry collection of empress, duchess and tart!

See the complete story at New York Social Diary.

Sightings On The Town

worn by Anka Palitz

Ralph Hansen, Anka Palitz, Michel Collin, and Eva Hansen


worn by Rena Sindi

Rena Sindi, Dennis Basso and Marjorie Raein


Diana with Walter Fischer

Walter Fischer, president of Rolex, Inc. and Diana Quasha

worn by Diana Quasha

Diana is wearing the Desiree Earrings