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Empress Duchess & Tart is a new interpretation of jewelry. This hybrid of luxury and whimsy combines non-precious jewelry with high-octane impact.

As the name implies, Empress Duchess & Tart appeals to all manner of women. Its original designs are sometimes historically derived, or simply the manifestation of a lively imagination. Handmade and meticulously finished by artisans in Italy and France, the fabulous “faux” jewels are wildly popular amongst stylish women who mix them with their own fine jewelry. EDT’s stunning baubles can complement a special outfit or add that “something special” to the little black dress.

Some are one-off collection items. Each major piece bears the name of a memorable woman in history, literature, the arts, or the world of intrigue: Josephine, Jezebel, Scarlett, Marilyn… all inspirational and sensational ladies.

In keeping with the light hearted nature of the product, Empress Duchess & Tart’s retail pricing is at reasonable levels, from $85 for a simple set of earrings to $2500 for a one-off necklace. “Shameless Baubles,” Empress Duchess & Tart’s tag line sums it up: not for the faint of heart, each piece calls attention to its wearer as a woman with confidence in her style.

Empress Duchess & Tart is being introduced into the US market by Diana Quasha. A graduate of Columbia Business School, Mrs. Quasha started her career at Bloomingdale’s in the late 1970’s. In the last decade, she oversaw the restructuring and re-merchandizing of Gumps San Francisco and then became the President of Compagnie de la Chine, the US branch of Compagnie Francaise de l’Orient et de la Chine based in Paris.

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